Modern civilization is founded on science and education.

He's contemplating the complexity of contemporary life.

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I was kind of surprised that Loren did that.

Dieter caught Wendell smoking a cigarette.

Promotions encourage translators.


They've written a bill for health care.


Sandip never misses a chance to go to Boston.


Were you able to do everything you wanted to get done?


The seal kept its balance well on the large ball.

I don't remember doing that.

Bring him with you.

Prices may change.

This jet travels about three times as fast as the speed of sound.


Why blame just Marc?

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I can read minds.

We had no trouble.

The shot unleashed panic in the conference room.

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I like to make Rajendra laugh.


I never actually wanted a car.


I saw it on the news.


That gave him an idea.

Now, all heads turn toward the dean, who sits surrounded by a faint halo of light.

This stone is twice as heavy as that one.

It looks like it already happened.

They sell sugar and salt at that store.

I like hot springs that are off the beaten track.

He is in bed with a touch of cold.

His diligence and good conduct earned him the scholarship.

I've spared no expense in building the house.

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Stop lazing around and look for a job.

These books aren't for children.

I might be able to do something.

He bothered her with questions.

That's usually not a good idea.

You shall not pass.

I'm taking care of it. You can relax, you can rely on me.

This guy is really hot.

I wish my dream would come true.


Jacobson watched in fascination.

Please show me something cheaper.

He's my dad.


Aren't you the sly one?

Urs was appointed by the governor.

Randell grew up on a farm.


That's on a need-to-know basis.

As you wish!

I'll buy a Ford.

I'm too tired to ride my bicycle back home.

Max is very elusive.


Early the next morning, the circus left for the next town.


The devastation in Kobe was as terrible as I had imagined.


I don't have an excuse.

I deal with people like that all the time.

Do you want to see where Bonnie is buried?

He left Japan for good.

Generally speaking, the Japanese people are diligent.

I won't put you on the spot.

At any rate I will go out when it stops raining.

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I didn't think I should drive.

Leith unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around himself.

Isn't it the case in any language that if you use too many drawn-out words one's expression becomes over-polite.

I have not yet done with the work.

The party was more fun than I expected it to be.

Detours expand your knowledge of the surroundings.

I was your student a few years ago.

The train was full, so she was obliged to travel second-class, and had to stand all the way.

My family thinks I've lost my mind.

The troubles of others are our own.

I thought Toft was your enemy.

What kind of trouble is Hughes in?

Because of Ibragim, Lyusya lost her appetite.

It was really just a misunderstanding.

Dominic is a reasonable person.

The deadline has passed.

She took my hint and smiled.

Do you have anything particular in mind?

Feminine logic is not always logical.

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He said to me, 'I read this book yesterday'.

No one knew what the alarm signaled when it sounded that afternoon, but, with the exception of those few unlucky enough to have been so engrossed in their work as to not notice it, everyone made it out of the building alive.

Do you have any good news?

I have a nice present to give you.

Time is on my side.

I have the soup and your check.

He is a tight-lipped man.

I'll bite your head off!

Did he already fall asleep?

Now, this is really important.

Are you saying you don't want to go?


Is there any space for my luggage?

It's going to be difficult to remove this stain.

"Would you like to have lunch with us?" "I'd love to, but only if it's no trouble."


I understand you know a lot about Boston.


Hugh is looking for a bigger house to live in.

Do you need help with that?

Erwin let Jean-Pierre play his guitar.

I can't imagine such a life.

Don't put off the work till tomorrow.

Mechael and Celeste carried the injured man to the side of the road.

Debbie didn't help wash the dishes.

You captured nothing.

He clearly lied.

We'll meet on Thursday morning.

"Let's head back." "Shall we drop by McDonald's?"

I'll vouch for her.

At the equator, Earth's surface is rotating at 1675 kilometers per hour!

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Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world.


It doesn't bother me that Leif is going to be there with his new girlfriend.


Sam, this is gonna take you hours.

What was his motive for setting the house on fire?

The outlook for the defense program is dismal.


Pilot made me something to eat.


There is nobody at home who knows that.

Mr. Jones was born in the United States.

I am in no humor for reading now.

I'm pretty sure that isn't what Vassos meant.

Must be nice...

You prefer to spend more time with Tatoeba than with me.

We have to turn in our reports on Monday.

They will look up to him as their benefactor.

He was seen to come out of the house.

It's so lovely a day.

The car proved to be a slave, so I will not be a master.

Where's the shirt I bought you?

This may take a minute.


Knowing which was the original language of your holy writings is important.

Day after day I write to her.

The frame of the house should be finished in a day or two.

To live at the end of the world.

I've got something I'd like to give you.

I'm not as tall as he is.

I'll tell Stanislaw what you want me to tell him.

Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.

I just don't know what to do with Hirofumi.


Aviaries are sometimes called flight cages because the birds confined therein have room to fly around.

Don't pry into my private life.

This has never been attempted before.

It's quite a project.

He answered his parents back.

My men are prepared to die.

He caught me staring at him and I blushed.

You must come here tomorrow.

Lowell is lost in thought.

I thought she was extremely pretty.

A fast walker can walk six kilometers in an hour.

Sanand isn't the right girl for Joon.

I may give up soon and just nap instead.

Everyone needs to find their own path.

Chili powder is greatly used in Indian cooking.

Three options were proposed.

Cats don't like to get wet.


What would make you happy?


Two Iranian professors of physics were assassinated.

I sent him a note.

We're inside.

Rodent sat on the doorstep.

Even a black hen lays white eggs.


It will soon be New Year.

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I agreed to buy it.

She has a very good figure.

I thought I'd never see Saify again.

I looked up the words in my dictionary.

Freedom. On my school notebooks. On my school desk and the trees. On the sand of the snow. I write your name.

What are you writing?

Kanthan can't see without his glasses.

Is living the goal of life?

The husband wakes up his wife.